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Mobile Friendly - Runs fully on Mobile PC friendly MS SQL Server Database & App   Runs from your Android Mobile and PC Browser
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See the Features of the Cloud Based App for Your Business running from your Mobile.


brokercloudapp.com - Customized Business App on Cloud for Broker, Commmission Agent, Mandi Agent is available here. See Features of the App:

This app is Mobile Friendly and runs fully on mobile.
This app is PC Friendly and run from PC full size screen too.
Fully responsive App Page design so that it fill all size screens on your mobile or PC.
This app does not store any data files or database on your mobile or PC.
The data files and the app are running on cloud server.
Your mobile is just accessing the app and database on cloud server.
The app is not using storage. Mobile CPU is not doing any intensive local processing.
The results are fetched by app after processing on web and are displayed on your Mobile / PC.
The app is hosted on web on your own hosting space that is fully managed by the provider www.BusinessClouds.in. Full Supoort provided.
You can Host this web application on www.BusinessClouds.in on your subdomain like yourname.businessclouds.in.